Languages at SKA



At South Kirkby we believe language development is vital throughout the journey of life.  In an ever-changing world, learning a foreign language is key to aiding cultural capital and gaining the knowledge and skills for success as a global citizen.  

Through support from Dane Royd School, we employ a language specialist to teach Mandarin Chinese in our school.  This teacher is bi-lingual and is native to the country of the language taught.

Mandarin Chinese is taught from Year 3 and throughout the school to Year 6, so that children leave South Kirkby with a wide curricular understanding of the Country of China and the confidence to speak Mandarin as a language.  To support our language learning we believe it is important to have opportunity to develop intercultural understanding. Throughout the year, our language learning encompasses traditions, celebrations and key events within Chinese culture.  Oral performances in class and in front of larger audiences enables our children to develop their confidence in speaking Mandarin Chinese.

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