Maths at SKA


We educate our pupils at SKA to understand the importance of mathematics, and to know how, when and where to use mathematical skills and strategies. We educate our pupils to understand that mathematics is a vital tool for everyday life. Our aim is to provide pupils with a positive attitude towards the subject and to have competence and confidence to apply their own mathematical knowledge and understanding.


Mathematics is taught through a daily lesson, however pupils are given opportunities throughout the school day to further develop knowledge in the subject. We follow the Primary National Curriculum for Mathematics, and assess and teach the Key Performance Indicators.  At SKA, we ensure that the needs of every pupil are addressed; through diagnostic testing, and robust analysis, prior to new teaching units, learning is tailored so that all pupils make progress from their individual starting points.  Mental arithmetic strategies, as well as written arithmetic strategies, are taught daily in all year groups -  teachers address misconceptions and build upon prior knowledge when teaching new content. When planning the personalised learning journey, teachers draw upon a wide range of resources to challenge their pupils.  Using varied fluency models when teaching, we ensure that pupils are secure with mathematical concepts. When pupils show that they have secure understanding, they are then taught how to spot mistakes and misconceptions, to reason, to problem solve by working systematically and accurately.  Outside of the maths lesson, teachers plan cross curricular links to mathematics in other subjects; these opportunities allow pupils to further develop and embed their mathematical understanding.


Children make sustained progress throughout key stage 2, resulting in achieving the expected standard or above in the end of key stage 2 mathematics test. Children are secondary ready for future learning as they have built solid foundations resulting in them being able to make sustained progress. Pupils are equipped with the knowledge and skills to work like a mathematician.

As global citizens of the future, our pupils have an understanding of how the number system works, how it can be applied to a variety of real life concepts and can independently problem solve. 

Whole School Overview for Maths

Whole School Curriculum Mapping

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Maths Calculation Policy

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SMSC in Mathematics at SKA



The study of mathematics enables our students to make sense of the world around them and we strive at SKA to enable each of our students to explore the connections between their mathematics skills and every-day life. Developing deep thinking and an ability to question the way in which the world works promotes the spiritual growth of  our students. At SKA students are encouraged to see the sequences, patterns, symmetry and scale both in the man-made and the natural world and to use maths as a tool to explore it more fully.


The moral development of students is an important thread running through the mathematics curriculum at SKA. Students are provided with opportunities to use their maths skills in real life contexts, applying and exploring the skills required in solving various problems


Problem solving skills and teamwork are fundamental to  SKA mathematics through creative thinking, discussion, explaining and presenting ideas. Our students are always encouraged to explain concepts to each other and support each other in their learning. At SKA students realise their own strengths and feel a sense of achievement which often boosts confidence. Over time they become more independent and resilient learners.


Mathematics is a universal language with a myriad of cultural inputs throughout the ages. Various approaches to mathematics from around the world are used and this provides an opportunity to discuss their origins. We try to develop an awareness at SKA of both the history of maths alongside the realisation that many topics we still learn today have travelled across the world and are used internationally.

How our 4 school values are evidenced in mathematics...


We strive to do our best!

You can master maths simply by  showing dedication.

Our pupils take time each day to practise mathematics until the concepts are embedded. Pupils practise their times table and arithmetic skills daily and are exposed to reasoning and problem solving. All are encouraged to strive to be the best mathematician that they can possibly be! We encourage our pupils to be dedicated and never give up. 


We achieve success!

Aspiration is, “a hope or ambition of achieving something.”

Through regular verbal and written feedback, our pupils are encouraged to learn from any mistakes and to be successful in all areas of maths. Pupil's progress in mathematics  is shared and celebrated in class. Pupils are role models to their peers, and through peer mentoring help and guide each other so that there is 'Success for All'!


We work together as a team!

Good mathematicians collaborate and communicate. We encourage our pupils to work productively with their peers, valuing different points of view when working together through reasoning and problem solving tasks.  We teach our pupils when to know to seek help, when to support others, when to speak up and when to compromise during maths sessions.



We are excited about our learning!

Through offering a wide range of learning experiences in mathematics, our pupils are excited to learn new mathematical concepts and revisit previous learning. Our pupils are excited to take part in whole school weekly mathematics competitions and showcase their talents in assembly.


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