Our School Library at SKA


What our pupils think of our school library.

  • The library is really good and interesting.
  • I like it because you can sit down and and read in a more exciting place. It makes people want to read in the round seats behind the shelves.
  • There are good decorations to make it fun.
  • I like the library because you can see all the books now.
  • I really like the curved shelves. I wish I had them in my bedroom.
  • I like sitting in the new round shelves to read.
  • I like everything about the new library.
  • The new library is all really good.
  • I like the curved seats best of all.
  • The new library is good because it is a lot more organised now.
  • My favourite thing is the new books in the library.

What our staff think of our school library


  • The library looks really nice - very professional.
  • It's a lot more organised so the children can find the books much easier.
  • The library is a lovely calm area for children to concentrate on reading and doing their work there.
  • It's easier to use now the shelves are labelled. More comfy furniture and some more new books will make it even better.I really like the reading booths.
  • It's much easier to find the books now that the library has labelled sections.
  • I like the accessibility and attractiveness of the new library.
  • The colour scheme makes the library very welcoming.

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