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At South Kirkby Academy, we believe that every child is an artist. Our skills-based curriculum allows children to experiment with a range of media and tools. Planning ensures that children learn the skills of drawing, painting, collage, printing, textiles, sculpture and digital art. Experimenting is a key element in art lessons and children are provided with opportunities to explore how art media can be manipulated when mixed with other mediums available to them. We understand the importance of allowing children the freedom to remain playful so that they can fully tap into their creative potential. Through careful planning we aim for children to become self-aware and confident learners, who develop their own artist style. We strive to tackle global and local issues through expressive and emotive artwork. Every subject is entwined in art lessons so that learning is embedded and remains purposeful. 



Our art units begin with exposing children to artists, architects and designers linked to their current skill. They are required to observe artwork closely and question the obvious. Our children participate in collaborative discussions and debates, practising critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Art is appreciated at SKA and reading and writing is enhanced through visual literacy opportunities. Children deepen their historical and cultural knowledge when exposed to artist influences and art movements through history and begin to make links to important events. Sketchbooks are used to document children’s creative journey and we regularly encourage children to reflect and evaluate theirs and others’ work through annotations. Observational drawings are a dominant feature in sketchbooks - children use these when working with all mediums as they explore ideas and practise artist techniques and methods. Children remain to make a strong connection with the community through our annual Waterton Academy Art Tour, which allows children to showcase extraordinary artwork to parents and carers of our community.   



Our art planning ensures that children have the opportunity to take risks in a safe and supportive environment. Once children have mastered skills they are ready to create innovative and inspirational works of their own. Through our themed learning, teachers plan cross-curricular links in lessons and SMSC and British Values are taught through key artworks so that children gain a better understanding of the world around them. Visual literacy opportunities ensure that reading and writing progress is accessible for all learners. Children regularly analyse artwork interpreting meaning and the stories behind them. Our art curriculum gives children the opportunity to take risks, understand themselves as individuals, critically question the world around them and have the confidence to use their voice to challenge and make change to their future world.  



 Whole School Overview for Art

Whole School Curriculum Mapping

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Art Knowledge Organisers

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SMSC in Art at SKA

Art teaching and learning at South Kirkby Academy promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children in many ways:


Spiritual Development

As part of our art curriculum, we encourage the children to inquire and to discuss ideas, meanings and feelings that a work of art portrays. Our children develop their own creativity through a range of sensory experiences, drawing on their own ideas and others’ work to inspire them. At SKA, we encourage children to give an opinion on the aesthetics of a piece of art work and consider the meaning the work conveys. 


Moral development

Through selected Art History, children explore issues - both current and from the past. Children also look at how art has been used as a form of protest and to convey meaning both locally and across world. They consider the lives and work of a variety of artists, designers and craft makers and are encouraged to express themselves through discussion and through their art. 


Social development

At SKA, our children’s work is celebrated and displayed around all areas of our school and shared with our local community. Our annual Waterton Art Tour enables our art to be displayed in a galleries across a variety of schools in the Trust enabling other communities to connect with our art.

Our children are encouraged to discuss the work of known artists and their own work, which develops their communication skills and promotes their self-identify through expressing and justifying own opinions. 


Cultural development

Our art curriculum enables our children to be exposed to a wide range of cultures, beliefs and religions adopted around the world. They will explore and replicate the techniques and styles of different cultures and ages, both in Britain and across the world. Opportunities are given for our children to experiment with a variety of traditional and non-traditional art materials and processes alongside trips and links to local galleries to help inspire personal projects.

How our 4 school values are evidenced in Art and Design...



We strive to do our best!

Our pupils explore art through a variety of subjects to understand the meaning and relevance it has in shaping our historical and modern world. Children are exposed to artwork in subjects such as history, reading and writing and are naturally curious to explore the meaning the work conveys. Our Optional Homework enables children to continue their creativity at home with cross-curricular projects.


We achieve success!

Our children explore a variety of historical artwork to gain an understanding of how art is often a tool of communicating issues in the world or community. Pupils are encouraged to express themselves through their art and develop their own style and interpretations. 


We work together as a team!

We encourage children to collaboratively discuss ideas, meanings or feelings that the art portrays - offering differing perceptions open to debate. Children at SKA are regularly encouraged to support their peers by offering constructive feedback in an environment where they feel safe to make mistakes.    



We are excited about our learning!

Our children's artwork is displayed around all areas of our school and is shared with our local community. The annual Waterton Art Tour enables our art to be displayed in schools across the Trust so that other communities can connect with our art and be inspired. 



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