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At SKA, we believe that all children deserve to develop a 'Love for Reading'. We provide a supportive and stimulating reading environment for pupils, encouraging all to reach their full potential as independent readers and develop a positive attitude to life-long learning. At SKA, we foster the importance of reading as both a recreational activity through 'Reading for Pleasure' and a way to develop children's knowledge and skills through an extensive and rich Reading Curriculum.

Reading Curriculum at SKA

South Kirkby Academy Reading Journey

SMSC in Reading at SKA


Spiritual development focuses on personal insight, values, meaning and purpose.

This refers to children’s beliefs (religious or otherwise) which inform their perspective on life and their interest in, and respect for different people’s feelings and values. This is developed in Reading by giving pupils the opportunity to understand human emotions and feelings, the way they impact on people and how an understanding of them can be helpful through different text types and stories.



Moral development is largely about making choices through behaviour and how you live your life.

Moral Development refers to a pupil’s understanding, attitude and behaviour to what is right and what is wrong. Giving pupils opportunities to explore and understand moral concepts and values throughout the Reading Curriculum will enable them to develop their moral beliefs. For example; studying the 'moral' of a story and discussing character choices during reading learning.



Social development is about enabling pupils to have the opportunity to work effectively together, relating well to adults and participating in the local community.

Through the teaching of Reading and the Reading Curriculum at SKA, texts and books can impact positively and play a vital part in developing the qualities and skills pupils need to play a part in society and become informed citizens of the future. Engaging pupils in a rich reading curriculum, alongside discussions can enable them to develop their social skills, whilst working effectively together to become informed citizens.



Cultural development is about understanding and feeling comfortable in a variety of cultures and experiences around the world (art, theatre, travel etc). It is about having the understanding and tolerance regarding cultural traditions and the beliefs of others.

Exploring a world of books can enable pupils to explore different cultures through a range of literature that can support them in their cultural understanding. Cultural development refers to pupils developing their understanding of beliefs, values and customs in social, ethnic and national groups different to their own.


Year Group Recommended Reading Lists


One way we are promoting a love for reading is by giving every child at South Kirkby Academy access to Reading Plus.

If your child uses the programme regularly, and reads 5 or more stories, they will see an improvement in:
- Their reading fluency, stamina and speed.
- The understanding of age-specific vocabulary.
- Their ability to comprehend a text.

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How our 4 school values are evidenced in Reading...



We strive to do our best!

Our pupils take time each day to read within school and lessons. Pupils have the opportunity to 'read for pleasure' whilst also independently improving their reading skills during reading lessons. All are encouraged to strive to be the best reader that they can possibly be! We encourage our pupils to be dedicated and never give up. 



We achieve success!

Through regular verbal and written feedback, our pupils are encouraged to learn from any mistakes and to be successful in all their reading skills. Pupil's progress in reading is shared and celebrated in class. Pupils are role models to their peers, and through peer mentoring, they help and guide each other so that there is 'Success for All'!


We work together as a team!   

Good readers collaborate and communicate. We encourage our pupils to work productively with their peers, valuing different points of view when working together during reading tasks to improve their reading skills.  We teach our pupils when to seek help, when to support others, when to speak up and when to compromise during reading lessons.



We are excited about our learning!

 Through offering a wide range of learning experiences in reading, our pupils are excited to learn and apply reading skills and revisit previous learning. Our pupils are excited to take part in whole school weekly reading challenges and showcase their talents at every opportunity.




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