RE has many benefits to our learners at SKA. It helps our pupils to understand people and society better which leads them to being more tolerant about diversity and improves social relations to help promote peace and prosperity. It teaches them about the different faiths and cultures practiced all around the world as well as in the UK and how to appreciate them. We want our learners to go out into the community and embrace the differences around them.

To ensure consistency and coverage as a school we use the Discovery RE scheme of work. This is a guide to aid teachers in inspiring their pupils. Each module comes with lesson plans to aid this and an activity to gauge the children’s understanding at the end of that religious focus. 

SMSC in Religious Education at SKA


Through RE our children experience wonder and joy through stories, celebrations, rituals and different expressions of religion and world views. They consider questions around God and what truth there is in Religion. Children have the opportunity to visit places of worship as part of their study.


Morality is explored through looking and rules, teachings and commands through the different religions. They explore different religious perspectives on morality and how this is played out by those who practice religion. They see how this impacts them and their lives in a respectful manner. 


Children explore social norms in different religions and how these affect the society around them. They ask question at an age appropriate level and the social impact of religion both as a positive and a negative.


Alongside studying the different faiths the children also look at the culture steeped in the Religion. They explore festivals and food. They explore the differences and similarities between faith and cultures as well as different cultural expressions. We ensure the children look at different texts and artefacts from different cultures and religious backgrounds.

Progression in RE at SKA

How our 4 school values are evidenced in Religious Education...



We strive to do our best!

RE is taught through discussion and at SKA we encourage all children to take part in these drawing on their own experiences to make sense of the different religions we study. Children are given time to explore the different themes and take pride in their work and research.



We achieve success!

RE is a good area to explore and help children to think outside the box giving them the confidence to ask questions and do their own research. This can aid them in all other areas of the curriculum.


We work together as a team!   

RE aids children in working together, they are required to listen to others and to work collaboratively to learn about the religions of the world. They also learn how to work with others who are different to them and experience others' beliefs.



We are excited about our learning!

At SKA, we teach RE through the Discovery RE curriculum; this gives children and teachers a broad scope in which to make the learning individual to the children and to also make it exciting! We ensure that children go on visits to the places of worship that they are studying and use real life resources to aid their understanding.


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